Scientists Create Robot That Can Carry Objects Micro 4 Times Larger

Friday, September 2, 2011

Argonne scientists from the Department of Energy has just created an interesting technological creations. They created a dpapat mikrobot dancing. The size of the robot is only half a millimeter that can be merged and bring objects 4 times bigger than its size.
When observed with a microscope, mikrobot the millimeter scale can move the 'jaws' to move around a few times even moving objects and other objects move. Mikrobot is made of the microparticles and can not move themselves and driven remotely. Great robot is also able to repair themselves.

Mikrobot The move responds to a magnetic field nearby. They can form as the star and moving around. . Impressive is not it!

Although currently still in research stage, the results of the use of these robots can have multiple implications. Mini-robots can manipulate chemical reactions, take / make medical care to certain places in the body, removing the particles for further study or clean a surface.


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