SimMan 3G Patient Simulator Robot

Friday, September 2, 2011

No wonder if it's in Indonesia marred by the issue of Ponari little shaman, capable of defeating the prestige of characters in medicine. In addition to the terms of treatments and drugs are expensive, healing also appears to be something that is now increasingly doubtful of the patients to seek treatment at the hospital. Not a few that we see on the occurrence of malpractice seems more and make us less trusting, if the treatment in Indonesia sufficiently qualified or not. So, what about the world of medicine abroad.

Not only in the field of computer or telecommunication, computerized technology was also able to touch the world of medicine. Abroad is currently being developed in which a robot doctor who implanted an artificial intelligence capable of menanganip problems of patients. This is not the first, but this could be regarded as the next generation of robot doctors. These robots have the ability as a doctor treating us like human beings.

But it seems a bit daunting when the guinea pig treatment here is you! Imagine you are treated by a specially programmed robot, but have never been able to walk ditesting whether properly or not. Well, to reduce these errors, the robot is intentionally provided doctors robotic patient simulators, the latest and greatest from Laerdal. This robot is very similar to humans and can be programmed with a variety of training scenarios to be a doctor who will be able to hone the skills of a robot doctor, and as bokena displays a sophisticated, this robot can be controlled via wireless, for its durability itself currently only able to reach 4 hours before eventually run out and die.

We have yet to get more information how many hundreds of thoughts that will set this Hosah group, but hopefully any further developments will be developed for the medical world.


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